Tips on how to keep a journal in your Home Based Business

How Keeping a Journal Will Boost your Home Based Business

By: Kevin Clement

Are you having a hard time reaching or accomplishing your business goals?

Are you struggling to stay the course or just don’t have a daily plan of action to move your business in a forward direction?

Or just don’t know what to do?

If so, I am going to share with you some simple tips that’s going to help you get your business moving in a forward direction immediately by starting with a journal.

How does a journal help you ask? There’s a number of different benefits you get by starting a journal.

  • Discipline
  •  You’re going to improve your writing and communication skills. 
  • Writing down your progress will help you be more productive in your business on a daily basis.
  • A journal will help you stay on track with your goals and its something that is easily duplicatable to share with your team.

Once you take action

with this information I’m going to share with you the only way for you to have success is to take IMMEDIATE ACTION, STAY FOCUSED and DISCIPLINED!


You either have to go to Staples, Office Max or any office supply store and get a journal or you can simply download an app on your smart phone.


The first thing to write down in your journal is the date and make sure you stay to date. This is going to be very important for growth and tracking progress. And will also help you set realistic goals in the future.


Why is this important? By starting small and by consistently writing in your journal you will get in the habit of creating content for your blog so you can start adding value to the marketplace.


Personal Growth – You want to take notes on what you are reading from books, trainings, courses and focus on the things you took away from them. Write down what you learned and how it’s going to help you be more effective in your business.

Contacts – You always want to be contacting new people. You want to write down people who you’ve contacted or prospected. You want to write down the key things you’ve learned about them.

Examples: Questions to ask if you are an internet/network marketer you want to contact other internet/network marketers about things that have and have not worked for them and their business. And make sure you ask good questions and stay postured.

How long have they been marketing their business online?

How did they have their first breakthrough?

What did they start doing to have success?   

How are they generating leads?

Learn to gather valuable information. This will help you build rapport with people and show that you are taking a deep interest in them and their businesses.

This will help you get in the mindset of taking a deep interest in people and their needs  and finding ways of helping them. People don’t care about what you know, they want to know how much you care.Write down things you’ve taken action on (Income Producing Activities) and note things that you struggled with and solutions you’ve found along the way. Even if it’s one thing write it down.

1.       Income Producing Activity – You want to write down and keep track of your income producing activities. You want to write down what you’ve done and what got you the best results.

2.     Goals – You want to write down your goals for the following day and make a list of the things you’re wanting to accomplish the next day.

These simple tips helped me grow tremendously in my business and I know that if you take action on these simple tips, and stay consistent, that you will be well on your way to a 6 figure income. 

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